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Schools in Qatar are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, who impose certain rules on all schools regarding student admissions and the data that must be collected and shared with them.

Applying to AWIS

At the time of application, all we require is the completed online Expression of Interest Form.

This gives us sufficient information to begin the application process. Your child's details and contact information are entered in to our admissions system, and with this we can commence the application process.

New to Qatar

At the time of application, we try to be as flexible as possible with parents. This is especially true of parents who are still planning their move to Qatar, or have only recently arrived.

We do take in to accounts people's special circumstances, and are happy to advise on securing a school place. Feel free to contact us if you have concerns.

We are often able to assess and make a firm offer of a school place, even if your child then has to wait for all the required paperwork (see below) before they can start school.

Starting at AWIS

Prior to your child starting, we require that you complete our Application Form in full - see download button below. This provides us with some important additional information, including details of all parents / guardians, health records, and whether they can appear on social media.

Please sign the completed Application Form and submit it to the School Office, together with all the required supporting documents.

Required Documents

We are required by the authorities in Qatar to have copies of all the following documents on file, before your child starts:

  • Student's Qatar ID - see note 1 below
  • Student's passport
  • Father's Qatar ID
  • Student's birth certificate
  • Student's immunisation record
  • Letter of employment from student's sponsor's workplace
  • Most recent school report - see note 2 below
  • Fully completed and signed Application Form

Note 1: Valid Qatar ID Requires
Parents new to Qatar should be aware that it is against Ministry regulations for any school to register a student who does not have a valid Qatar ID. You need to allow time from arriving in the country for the father (normally the father, but could be the wife) to complete residency proceedings before he can begin the process of applying for residency for the rest of the family. This process can take a considerable amount of time, during which the children are unable to attend school.

If you are moving to Qatar, we recommend you take advice from your employer about timescales, as the length of time taken to complete residency for the whole family varies substantially depending upon circumstances.

Note 2: Attestation of School Reports
There is a new requirement for students joining the school in Year 2 or above. If joining us from outside Qatar (rather than transferring schools within the country), the previous school report now has to be attested (ie stamped) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Qatar Embassy in the country you are coming from, then attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar.