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Strong sense of purpose, and a commitment to best-practice

Learning at AWIS is underpinned by a strong sense of purpose. This is guided by three simple observations:

  • We must incorporate international best practice
  • We must respect and reflect Qatar’s unique identify
  • Qatar’s future is international

International best practice

Our curriculum learns from and develops upon best practice in teaching methods and curriculum development from around the world. Considerable progress has been made in recent years on how children learn. Work in areas such as multiple intelligences, emotional involvement, left brain / right brain learning etc. have created new opportunities to develop dynamic and effective learning environments.

Qatar’s unique identity

We teach Arabic language to all students, whether Qatari or foreign. Teaching is streamed according to Arabic language ability, ensuring Qatari students are taught the above in Arabic while non-Arabs are taught separately in English. Qatari history and culture are taught to all students.

Qatar’s future is international

Qatar is geographically small, but an increasingly significant player in world markets. Our curriculum stresses international mindedness and is designed to appeal to both, nationals and expatriates.

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National Curriculum of England supplemented by the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), ...

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Learning approach

Our learning approach is child-centred and supportive. Our international curriculum encourage ...

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Extra-Curricular Activities

The curriculum is enhanced by a wide range of additional activities (ECA's).

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Student assessment

Assessment is an essential tool to track student progress, measure the impact of our teaching, and ...