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Truly international student body, ranged from 3 to 11 years of age

We are proud of the diversity and inclusivity of our student body.

Over 50 countries are represented from around the world, with no single nationality dominating the mix. This creates the vibrant, truly international learning environment where our students can excel academically in an inclusive, tolerant community.

Our largest national groupings are; Jordan (13%), Egypt (12%), United Kingdom (7%), Qatar (6%), United States (5%), Spain (4%), and Turkey (4%).

Students are strongly encouraged to develop curiosity and independence, while embracing diversity and developing their international mindedness.

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School day

Start and finish times, what to bring to school, and the format of a typical school day

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Student leaders

Our Head Girl and Head Boy fulfil important student leadership roles in the school

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House system

Students are divided in to houses to encourage links between age groups and a sense of friendly ...

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Awards & incentives

Our positive learning environment celebrates student achievement in all its forms through a range ...