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Jack AbouRjeily
May 25, 2021
Thank you for AWIS family team , I have found the perfect school for my little princess after submitting for more than seven school . I am sharing this for all people who are struggling to find the perfect school and I mean in every aspect "AWIS family" is the right place for your child . my daughter have been for two years almost and not only her also me I fell in love with everyone working or I got in touch in this school and every day I am surprised with the knowledge and subjects they study tums up billion time for AWIS
Osama albrejawi
May 25, 2021
perfect school .professional staff
Mohamed Abdelkareem
May 25, 2021
One of the best educational facilities in Qatar Staff are really hard working, very enthusiastic and highly professional My kids are happy and I can see their progression One negative point: They have classes up to grade 6 only 😞😞
Serban Aurelia Cristiana
Jun 24, 2021
AWIS was an excellent school for us and we miss it (and Qatar) dearly.