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Student leaders

Student Leaders ensure student opinions are heard, while developing important leadership skills

During Term 1 students in Year 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to put themselves forward for the role of Head Boy and Head Girl.

Interested students take part in various tasks and challenges before preparing a speech which they present at a Milepost 3 Assembly, in front of their peers and teaching staff. After all speeches have taken place, students vote for their preferred candidates, which results in the appointment of a Head Boy, Head Girl and 6 Student Leaders (who assist the Head Boy and Girl).

Why Student Leaders?

Our Student Leaders fulfil an important role in the school, including:

  • Ensuring student voices are heard at AWIS.
  • Taking responsibility for selected tasks around the school.
  • Developing leadership skills.
  • Encouraging student / staff collaboration towards shared goals.

Our Expectations

Our expectations of the Head Boy and Head Girl are:

  • To act as a role model for students and promote the ethos of AWIS.
  • To become the students' ‘public face’ of the school. They may be asked to meet important visitors, attend outside events etc.
  • They may be asked to speak at events where students, teachers and parents are present.
  • Write articles, documenting student life in school.
  • To work closely with the Principal and the management team to develop and improve what we have and do in school.
  • Lead the Student Leaders to ensure all duties across school are upheld.

Qualities We Look For

The qualities we look for in our Student Leaders are:

  • Initiative & commitment
  • Reliability and good time management
  • Excellent communication skills (both written & oral)
  • Good organisational skills (personal & the ability to work in teams)
  • Perseverance & determination
  • Responsibility and leadership
  • The strength to bring ideas to the table & the maturity to accept decisions
  • Be approachable and aware of the needs of students across the school
  • A SMILE!