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New website launched

JUN 24, 2021

Our new website is a major upgrade - faster, user-friendly and more detailed

Welcome to the new AWIS website, which we hope parents, staff and visitors will all find a major improvement on what went before. Some of the key design objectives and content changes are described below.

Refreshed Content

Nothing stands still, and this is certainly true of AWIS which has seen huge growth and development since the launch of the previous website. All site content has been completely updated to ensure it is all current and includes the latest information and images.

A major objective of the new website is to make maintenance of all content easier and more accessible to non-experts, so that information can be proactively refreshed and extended to remain current and relevant.

More Parent Resources

Home schooling during the pandemic has highlighted the need to make a potentially large number of downloadable resources available to parents, including areas for homework, support materials and much more. We have therefore added a Parent Resources section, with information grouped by year group.

The aim is to constantly update the information available to parents so it remains relevant and easy to find. If you have any comments or suggestions on how this part of the site could be extended or made more useful, please contact us.

We plan to retire the Communicator software which has been used for this purpose in the past, but is becoming less popular with parents.

Better Technology

Information Technology has moved on considerably in the 6 years since our previous site was developed. The new website uses the very latest technologies to ensure it is more secure, easier to maintain, mobile-friendly and (above all) very fast to load. This should make for a more pleasant user experience for all our stakeholders.

Room To Grow

Our intention is to use the new site as a platform to extend the amount of information we make available to both existing and prospective parents. We now have a solid framework in place to develop the structure and content of the site further over the coming months and years.