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Outstanding score in TIMMS

JUL 1, 2021

AWIS recognised for outstanding Maths and Science results

In April 2021 we were delighted to receive a letter from Dr. Ibrahim bin Saleh Al Naimi, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, congratulating AWIS on the outstanding scores achieved by our Year 5 students in the international TIMMS 2019 survey.

TIMMS is short for "Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study", organised by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement. It is a standardised test administered to students across the globe, once every 4 years, to facilitate data-driven decision-making about educational systems. It has been running since 1995 for students in Years 5 and 9 (grades 4 and 8 in the US system), with Qatar first participating in 2007.

The most recent survey was run in 2019, gathering comparative data on Year 5 students from 58 countries.

Main Highlights

The full report can be downloaded below, together with the letter of commendation from the Ministry of Education. However, to summarise the main outcomes:

Average AWIS results exceeded the global average:

World average500500
AWIS average586575

81% of AWIS students performed at a High or Advanced level in Maths. 75% of AWIS students performed at a High or Advanced level in Science.

The performance distribution for AWIS students, measured by IEA levels, was:

Advanced (> 624)26%15%
High (624 - 550)55%60%
Intermediate (549 - 475)14%16%
Low (474 - 400)0%7%
Below low (< 400)5%1%

The average AWIS performance comfortably exceeded the average for international and community schools in Qatar:

International Schools in Qatar483481
Community Schools in Qatar462467