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Arabic and Islamic

For fluent Arabic speakers, our specialist staff teach the Arabic, and Qatar History curriculum using Arabic as the language of instruction. Islamic Studies is available for Muslim students. The curriculum is aligned with the Qatar National Curriculum for these subjects.

For those new to the Arabic language, parallel classes are offered in English using an appropriately modified curriculum.


All students in school study Arabic - either as a first or a second language.

Our native Arabic students receive four hours of Arabic lessons a week, following the plans and textbooks provided by the Ministry of Education. Lessons are split into speaking and listening, reading, writing, grammar and dictation.

The Arabic Department also arranges special days and competitions for our students. For example our students have participated in an Arabic Spelling Bee and an Arabic Reading Competition.

Students learning Arabic as a foreign language receive one hour of Arabic each week. These lessons consist mainly of speaking and listening activities to familiarise students with the language and develop communication skills they can use in the wider community.

Islamic Studies

All Muslim students study Islamic Studies: this is delivered either in Arabic or in English, depending upon their Arabic language skills.

Our native Arabic students receive two hours of Islamic Studies lessons per week, following the plans and textbooks provided by the Ministry of Education.

Our non-Arabic speaking students receive one hour of Islamic Studies each week. These lessons are taught in English and follow the Call to Faith teaching resource.

Qatar History

All students study 1 hour of Qatar History each week, following the scheme of work provided by the Ministry of Education.

Where possible, we link our Qatar History lessons to our International Primary Curriculum units (IPC). The students also research and discover more about their host or home country during discrete IPC lessons which increases knowledge and understanding of Qatar as a whole.

Our ‘Links to Qatar’ are displayed on our IPC working walls. These display what our students have learned, as well as a variety of student work related to their learning.